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What Is Missing In Standard Health Care
Discover The Functional Approach To Natural Hormone Balance & Why Its So Effective

Underlying Root Cause

Standard health care is only focused on making the symptoms the target. This is the wrong approach. Symptoms are not the problem but are a RESULT of the problem. Experiencing any symptom is a sign of a deeper underlying issue with the body. Using a functional approach which is a whole body approach will help to uncover and get to the root causes where the dysfunction exist. 

Toxicities & Inflammation 

It is next to impossible to balance hormones when the body is toxic, inflamed, you have gut dysfunction and cell damage! The health of the cell is so vitally important. Cells make up tissues, then tissues make up organs. If cells are not functioning properly how can you expect everything else to function properly. It's very hard to get healthy when your cells are in trouble! 

Nutritional Deficiencies

The body cannot fully function, let alone be balanced if there are deficiencies. . Hormones depend on minerals and vitamins to carry out their functions. Finding where there are nutritional gaps and filling them in, is important in hormone balance.

      Meet Sydney Torres

Sydney is a Certified Functional Nutrition Health Coach 
defiantly committed to helping women transform their health. 
Her passion is helping women balance their hormones naturally and to improve gut function. 
Think of her as a health detective finding the underlying root causes of what's going on within your body.
No more is she willing to accept there is nothing wrong with you----your fine. 
She is here to advocate for you and your well-being.

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